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Preset Torque Wrenches, Inch

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Manufacturer Carr Lane
Description Preset Torque Wrenches, Inch
Part Number CL-13-CLTW
Material Steel
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Index Selector Part Number Description Base Part Number Material FOR CARR LOCK CLAMP DIA (Inch) PRESET TORQUE (ft-lbs) HEX KEY SIZE (Inch) HANDLE LENGTH (Inch) HANDLE WIDTH (Inch) Measurement
1 1 CL-13-CLTW Preset Torque Wrenches, Inch CL-13-CLTW Steel 13mm 1.0 3/32 3.54 1.40 Inch
2 2 CL-16-CLTW Preset Torque Wrenches, Inch CL-16-CLTW Steel 16mm 2.0 1/8 3.54 1.40 Inch
3 3 CL-20-CLTW Preset Torque Wrenches, Inch CL-20-CLTW Steel 20mm 3.0 1/8 3.54 1.40 Inch
4 4 CL-25-CLTW Preset Torque Wrenches, Inch CL-25-CLTW Steel 25mm 7.0 5/32 7.50 1.67 Inch

Product Description

These handy Preset Torque Wrenches are designed to tighten Carr Lock(r) Clamps exactly to their maximum recommended torque, ensuring that maximum hold-down force is achieved without over-tightening. The standard wrench body shown here is used for the first three Carr Lock(r) Clamp sizes -- 13mm, 16mm, and 20mm -- each preset to de-clutch at the torque recommended for that size, and furnished with the appropriate hex key. A slightly larger wrench body is used for the 25mm size, with a red indicator that appears through the top lens at the preset torque. Torque accuracy is +/-10%.

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