Special Springs S.r.l
By Special Springs S.r.l

RMHR Medium heavy duty die springs (NA/inch)

Manufacturer Special Springs S.r.l
Description Medium heavy duty die springs silver-red color (NA/inch), hole diameter: 3/8 inch, rod diameter: 3/16 inch, free length: 1 inch
Part number RMHR10-025
Hole diameter (inch) 3/8
Rod diameter (inch) 3/16
Free length (inch) 1
Spring rate (lbs/0.1 in) 8.4
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Product selection

DH Hole diameter (inch)
Dd Rod diameter (inch)
L0 Free length (inch)
Deflection (inch)
Index Selector 20% L0 Deflection for optimum life (inch) Force at 20% deflection (lbs) 25% L0 Deflection for long life (inch) Force at 25% deflection (lbs) 30% L0 Max. operating deflection (inch) Force at 30% deflection (lbs) 37% L0 Max. deflection (inch) Spring rate +/- 10% (lbs/0.1 in)
1 1 0.2 16.8 0.25 21 0.3 25.2 0.37 8.4


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Special Springs S.r.l

Special Springs S.r.l

Special Springs is an Italian company leading in the production of standardized die springs, gas cylinders and custom springs. Founded in 1978, it was the first company in the World to manufacture standardized springs in compliance with three different international standards: ISO 10243, JIS B5012 and US Oval. Special Springs has a widespread global distribution network and branches in Brazil, India, the United States and Turkey. It designs and manufactures wire and gas springs for a wide range of sectors, such as automotive, white goods industry and many others. Special Springs holds numerous approvals of important international brands that have chosen it for the constant commitment to innovation and safety of products and processes, and for the prompt service to customers.

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