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M Series

M Series - Helical Foot Mounted Gearbox (82 Nm…18000 Nm)

Manufacturer Yılmaz Redüktör
Description Gear Unit with B5/B14 Input Flange
Part Number MN002_3-A09 (Tn2_82 Nm. i=3.62...14.67)
Mass 12.6 kg
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Index Selector Part Number Description Mass Volume Size
1 1 MN002_3-A09 (Tn2_82 Nm. i=3.62...14.67) Gear Unit with B5/B14 Input Flange 12.6 kg - -

Product Description

Helical Foot Mounted (82 Nm…18.000 Nm)


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YILMAZ Redüktör

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